If you wonder what a digital advertising company is , what are the services they can offer you, and you doubt whether or not it is necessary for your brand, this is the post that answers all your questions. From Comunicare , we bring you the answers to all your questions, since we care about always being able to offer you useful and quality content, with which you can learn everything about the digital world.

The answer to your first question is very simple for us. Because, we are a digital advertising and online marketing agency, with 12 years dedicated to this wonderful world. With which, we will know. define very well everything that it is, what it can offer you and why you need it.

Advertising has been very helpful to companies, to be able to publicize their products or services, and to win over their customers. However, "you are not a magician because you have a wand", we must know the tricks, to dazzle our audience. That is why not everyone knows how to create an effective advertising campaign. Many factors will have to be taken into account to achieve the success of an advertising strategy.

A digital advertising company will be in charge of achieving the success of your advertising campaigns, obtaining the best results, and achieving the greatest benefits. And at the same time, socialize and connect with your customers. If you want to discover everything related to a digital advertising agency, keep reading, we will tell you about it below.

What is a digital advertising company?

A digital advertising company is one that is in charge of the digital services of a company, and which creates effective and high-performance advertising strategies, which translate into benefits, both economic and intangible, of it.

It creates advertising campaigns that achieve the company's objectives, but it is also responsible for giving value to the brand, which allows both to stand out from the competition, and to stand out and be chosen among consumers. Being able to count on a good digital advertising company will make your brand more recognized and loved by its audience, and at the same time, that will translate into benefits.

Services offered by a digital advertising agency

The services that a digital advertising agency or digital advertising company can offer are very varied. With the new technologies and the weight that social networks have today in the lives of consumers, there are many ways in which effective advertising strategies can be developed. However, it is important that a digital advertising agency can offer you:

Original and creative ideas for your business. You must know how to discover what makes your brand different, and get the most out of it, creating original campaigns. A company that embodies this service is Creative Agency .

Branding service for your brand. Your brand is not just a name or a logo. You must know how to work your image so that it represents all the essence and values ​​that it embodies. A professional branding agency is Creative Advertising .

Development and design of your website. Based on the UI/UX design, as done by Novicell .

Set the right goals.

Analyze the results obtained, and know how to act quickly. You must know how to interpret the results that are derived from the campaigns carried out, and in the event that they do not work, know how to direct the resources to others.

Presence in digital media

Why do I need a digital advertising agency ?

There are thousands of reasons that show that your business needs a good digital advertising company. But the main one, and said in summary, is because with it you will get your business to reach another level. There is nothing better than having a professional who knows what steps to take, so that you can achieve your goals as soon as possible.

A digital advertising agency knows how to analyze your audience, find out what worries them and what is indifferent to them, what their needs are, and how to create a campaign that gets through to your customers. Yes, it is true, with an internet connection you could try to do it yourself, but you are going to have to spend money, and something very valuable, your time to find out what your ideal strategy is, and see that it really works for you. So don't play it. Put a digital advertising company in your life, and you will see the great results you will achieve.

Comunicare, your digital advertising agency

Now you know what a digital advertising company is. And, as you have been able to verify, it has a great responsibility, and weight in the results that your business can achieve. So it is very important to know how to choose the best one. So, if you want to have a professional digital advertising agency that manages to get the attention of your clients, convert them into real sales, and in turn, into loyal customers of your brand, get in touch with us , because that agency ideal advertising is Comunicare.

With 12 years of experience behind us, and numerous success stories in our history, we will know how to analyze your website and create your ideal marketing plan . Our work achieves the best results, because we always seek to meet your objectives, optimizing all your resources to the maximum, and achieving the greatest benefits.

Our work methodology is based on 3 phases:

Capture your customers. Using different strategies such as advanced SEO positioning , adwords , ads on social networks , or market place ads , among others.

convert them. Once we have their attention, we apply email marketing , remarketing and cart recovery , to make your sales become real.

Retain and retain them. Our work continues, because what we want is for your results to be permanent. To do this, we generate content of interest to your audience, and we use our community management department .

You can be 100% sure that your results will be the best, because we will do our best and work hand in hand to achieve it. And that way, you are part of our great success list. There is nothing that motivates us more than exceeding the expectations of our customers. Well, when did we start to surprise you?

Frequently asked questions

What is digital advertising?

We can define digital advertising as those online strategies that aim to publicize products or services and the image of a brand, through different channels or digital devices. Thanks to the internet, companies have discovered different ways to connect with their customers through it.

What is digital advertising examples?

We call digital advertising all the techniques, strategies or digital tools that allow the positioning or dissemination of a company. Some examples are social networks, SEO or SEM positioning or email marketing.

What types of advertising are there?

Within digital advertising we can distinguish between different formats and types:

email marketing

Google Ads




Social Ads

among others

How can I do digital advertising?

In order to carry out digital advertising and obtain the most effective results, we should:

have a good website

Analyze our audience

Depending on our audience, determine what type of ads we are going to use

set ourselves a goal

Take care of the design of the advertising that we are going to carry out

Be direct, brief and subtle.