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When developing a digital strategy for your digital marketing, it is important that we do not look at the digital communication process in isolation, but integrate it into the overall context as best as possible. It also makes sense to flank digital communication with partner campaigns and additional offline marketing measures. It is also important to have a good digital agency at hand.

Digital marketing at the Good Ambassadors includes the following four digital marketing disciplines and product areas, which can also be strategically set up individually.

Search Engine Optimization » SEO

SEO Strategies

SEO support

SEO launch support

SEO audits

SEO training courses

SEO workshops

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Online Advertising » Search Engine Advertising » SEA

Search engine advertising strategies

Set up ad accounts and ad managers

Supervision of online advertising

Formulation of keyword sets

Search engine advertising audits

Search engine advertising training

Search engine advertising workshops

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategies

Supervision of social media marketing

Profiling on social media platforms

Social media ads and advertising

Social Media Marketing Training Courses

Social Media Marketing Workshops

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing support

Multi-dimensional customer life cycles, goal: shortening of the content and time of communication with customers

Setup of email marketing systems

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Workshops

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You can also book the consulting and services comprehensively or proportionately. As a digital agency , we would be happy to advise you on this and work with you to iteratively refine the areas that are relevant to you, just get in touch with us.

Your digital strategy: The buyer persona as the starting point.

When developing your digital strategy, we first go into all the basic information that is exemplary for your stakeholder and customer groups. So-called buyer personas and their addressing form the basis for your digital communication channels and digital marketing disciplines. For each communication channel and content, we develop and formulate individual and proven measures for you in the form of workshops. We make it clear how the individual channels contribute to the interests and needs of your claim and target groups, and illustrate your potential using reliable figures and tailored examples from your industry. The actual success figures depend on various influences and are identified and reliably verified using test balloons.

The buyer persona should therefore reflect the essential characteristics of a target group:

Profession, position, responsibilities

daily tasks and routines or rituals

Goals, desires, expectations, needs

professional training, knowledge, skills

relevant usage behavior

dislikes, fears

demographic data

Buyer personas answer the following questions:

What do your typical target groups look like?

How can you picture your "typical customers"?

With what intentions do the target groups come to your website?

How do visitors use your website and what are their online goals?

What content, functions and services do your claim and target groups want?

How can your communications team design and sustainably implement how to address the target group - across all digital channels?

The buyer personas go through various stages in the buying and decision-making process, which can be represented by the AIDA model (attention, interest, need and action). Digital strategies describe for each communication channel how the channels contribute to the decision-making process.

With a solid digital strategy from the Good Ambassadors, you will also receive a prioritized time and action plan for the implementation of your digital marketing, whereby we specify the costs for the recommended measures and the implementing authority in more detail.

Therefore, we will address these points in a digital strategy for each digital marketing discipline:

Your goals per digital marketing discipline

Digital status quo for the respective digital marketing discipline

Formulation of resilient and proven digital marketing measures

Success control of the measures of the respective digital marketing discipline

The digital marketing disciplines at a glance.

digital marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization » SEO

Online Advertising » Search Engine Advertising » SEA

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

brand strategy

best companies digital marketing

For better planning, even in times of crisis, we will first provide you with our positioning design compass, which shows how you need to align and develop your brand strategy. Surprisingly, the choice of the most promising strategy depends on the current position. Develop the brand strategy based on your personal ideals and align further planning with them. Here you stand with your values, beliefs, expectations, hopes and goals.

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sales strategy

In particular, sales and sales strategies that have been practiced so far are now in a state of real powerlessness, because it is hardly possible to offer one's own products in a promising way, or even to establish any significant contact with potential customers. We help you with a well-founded sales strategy to professionally digitize your sales in order to consolidate your markets, open up new markets and emerge stronger from this crisis.

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